Outsider Music Resources

Incorrect Music - home page for the radio show hosted by Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boule has show archives, sound samples, playlists, album covers, links and more

Songs in the Key of Z - Irwin Chusid's ambitious book and CD releases are absolutely essential for anybody interested in outsider music.  This site not only has info on both releases but more news, articles, links, etc.  (Try to support local record/book stores by ordering from them but there's also ordering info on this page.)

John Maizels' Raw Creation: Outsider Art and Beyond (1996) - Perhaps the best overview of outsider art though since it's coming from an artworld perspective it's only painting, drawing, sculpture and environments while still leaning toward fitting outsider art to the cult of personality structure (in particular skip the idiotically smug introduction by Roger Cardinal).  And because it covers so much ground (with too much material on straight folk art) the approach is a bit superficial this is still essential reading/viewing.

More outsider art links at What Is Outsider Art? (which is a bit too rigid with its definitions), For the Love of Creativity: The Passionate Pursuit of Self-Taught Artists, The Outsider Pages and Arthur Danto's essay on Outsider Art.

American Song-Poem Music Archives - absolutely astonishing site with tons of discographies, articles, photos, documentation, etc related to the song-poem world.  (The site is also better designed than most high-profile ones.)

Citizen Kafka has put together a CD of American audio outsiderdom available from http://www.citizenkafka.com/fs/cd/voxpopliner.html.  Check out the other stuff as well.

Shooby Taylor - here are audio files of Shooby's music though the site is clumsily designed so hunt a bit (the same guy has also collected other audio weirdness though most of it's not outsider); can't tell if this is everything or if they're in the order of the original tape

Little Marcy

Lucia Pamela

Jandek  - here's the most thorough site but there's also an unofficial Corwood site, Douglas Wolk's article, Katy Vine's Texas Monthly article, a tribute album (!) from Summersteps Records and even some audio samples.

Daniel Johnston

The Kids of Widney High - warning: bad background makes site hard to read (or try this newspaper profile)

The Shaggs

Tiny Tim

Cool and Strange Music - magazine with some material of outsider interest (though it's still recommended)

Book Happy - "the world of weird books" magazine from Donna Kossey, former editor of Kooks.

Hyp Records - again not stricly outsider but definitely of interest

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