Articles Wanted

FAFR would like to have pieces that don't fit the usual forms; even short pieces can work if they don't feel incomplete.  Many of the suggestions here may be a bit obscure (that's why they need to be covered) so don't hesitate to suggest anything better-known or that you particularly want to write about.  From time to time I may also have tapes for review if you can't think of anything else.  Also, please let me know if you're fluent in any language other than English.  Please e-mail ideas & proposals.

Writers guidelines are available, rambling through specific info about formats, lengths, languages, etc but also more general thoughts.



  • Phillipe Garrel
  • Hellmuth Costard
  • Raj Kapoor
  • Hideo Gosha
  • Oleg Kovalov
  • Aleksandr Sokurov, especially video work
  • Clarie Denis
  • Bigas Luna
  • Yasuzo Masumura
  • Ermanno Olmi
  • Sacha Guitry
  • Darezhan Omirbaev
  • Rokuro Mochizuki
  • Arturo Ripstein
  • Bahram Beyzaie
  • Kira Muratova
  • Jean-Daniel Pollet
  • Ritwak Ghatak
  • Xie Jin
  • Joe May
  • Yevgeni Yufit
  • Matthias Müller
  • Julio Medem
  • Mani Kaul





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