Resources:  Print

(I've only bothered to distinguish periodicals when
it's not clear that they're not books.)

David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson Film History: An Introduction (1994):  Perhaps the best all-around history and one that offers some insights even if you think you know the territory

David Cook A History of Narrative Film (third edition):  Though clearly meant as a textbook, this is not only quite readable but often moves the usual facts-only textbook approach.  Marred only by numerous "laundry lists" of films with no indication of their importance or what they're like, this book is both enjoyable and useful.

The Time Out Film Guide (7th edition, 1998):  Great resource for recent films though it covers quite a wide variety.

The Holt Foreign Film Guide (UK: The Bloomsbury Foreign Film Guide)

Elliot Wilhelm  Videohound's World Cinema (1998):  Mostly only films already familiar in the US and with standard-issue descriptions.

Film Comment

Sight & Sound (UK)

Positif  (in French)

Cahiers du Cinema (in French)

Video Watchdog

Magill's Survey of Cinema:  Foreign Language Films (1985), 8 volumes

New York Times Encyclopedia of Film, 1896-1979

Cine Graph: Lexikon zum deutschsprachigen Film edition text & kritik (1984) 6 volumes in German

Kevin Smith (ed), Directory of African Film-makers and Films (1992)

Ginette Vincendeau (ed), Encyclopedia of European Cinema (1995)

Robert Murphy (ed), The British Cinema Book (1997)

Variety Film Reviews

Galina Dolmatovskaya & Irina Shilova Who's Who in the Soviet Cinema (1978)

International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers (3rd edition, 1997), 5 volumes: Films, Directors, Actors & Actresses, Writers & Production Artists, Index

Alan Goble International Film Index 1895-1990 (1991), 2 volumes

John Wakeman, World Film Directors (1987), Volume 1, 1890-1945; Volume 2, 1945-1985

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