Writers Needed

1.  ALWAYS contact me before writing anything.  I have to be a bit selective with Adventures In Sound and don't want anybody to go through the trouble and write something I can't use.  This also means that you may have a perfectly good piece but I still don't need it.

2.  I can use previously published material as long as the copyright holder has given permission.

3.  No payment, but you do keep the copyright in all material.

4.  Pretty much any length is allowable but if it's really long ask first.  Batches of shorter pieces might also work.

5.  I'm not much interested in covering concerts or live performances but if there's something particularly worthy ask me about it.

6.  Despite their long and honorable tradition in music criticism, gratuitous obscenities (or "obscenities" if you prefer the quotes) are not allowable.  I have several reasons for this but if you really think an exception needs to be made then ask me or start your own zine.

7.  I particularly want to avoid the publicity/promotional feel of too many music mags so older or even out-of-print recordings are fair game.

8.  Please avoid negative reviews of completely obscure releases.  I don't mean you have to be always positive (hey, ambiguity is OK too) but it takes a lot of work to make and release even bad music so I'd rather spend the space and effort on the piles of worthy ignored music or attacking arrogant/pretentious sort-of-known music rather than knocking down some unknown doing 200 copy runs from their bedroom.

9.  And please keep stylistic eccentricities (all lower-case, run-on sentences, bizarre punctuation, etc) to a minimum.

In addition to the obvious focus on out jazz and avant-garde music, I also need material on world music, psychedelia, forgotten pop (especially pre-rock), unconventional classical (esp before the 20th century), weirdness/Incorrect Music, electronics, lounge, sonic research, ambient recordings, scientific use of sound, film music, and anything of a genuinely alternative nature.

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