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updated 05/26/02

Perfect Sound Forever - wonderful e-zine

SMS Swiss Jazz Federation

Tape Beatles (and more!)

Gajoob - reviews and resources of independent music, everything from CD pressing and MIDI info to home-made experimental music and more

Dabadaba Official Website - dabadaba seems to be a type of Spanish pop music from the late 60s/early 70s

Soundz Impossible - zine

Looper's Delight - covers all types of sound/tape loops in great detail

Vital - mag run by the folks at Staalplat

Jaap Blonk - sound poet

The Digital Merzbow Page

Nurse With Wound

Improvised Music In Japan

Kyle Gann - home page for the composer and Village Voice New Music critic; lots of useful material

European Free Improvisation Pages - hefty and wonderful resource with good bios, discographies, label info and more

The Wire - I'm sure you read it every month, right?

Discipline Mobile - King Crimson and related official site

Florence Foster Jenkins

Karlheinz Stockhausen home page

FAQ for John Zorn mailing list


All-Music Guide

The Residents

Simon Reynolds and Joy Press home page

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