Recordings Wanted

I'm looking for the following.  While I'd mainly like to get the originals I'm also not a collector and unable to pay collector prices (if some of these even have such prices).  So tapes or CD-Rs would be acceptable.  Trades or whatever, let me know & we'll work something out.

WFMU - subscriber premium recordings, esp the CD releases but also show host tapes, etc.

Insect Trust - either album

Peter Stampfel - You Must Remember This (I need an original CD or at least photocopy of the notes to replace what Contents magazine lost)

DJ Shadow - Brainfreeze, or other mixtapes

Kronos Quartet - bootlegs

Hoffung Music Festivals - double CD on Angel/EMI

Portsmouth Sinfonia - any

Pulnoc - Live In New York CD, the live at PS 122(?) tape or anything other than the Arista album

Stockhausen - any of the classic recordings

Black Merda (aka Mer-Da)  Long Burn the Fire

Johann Georg Albrechtsberger  Concertos for Jew's Harp, Mandora & Orchestra

Sun Ra's Saturn albums not reissued by Evidence

Scanner -  Scanner II

Ed Sanders  Sanders' Truck Stop & Beer Cans on the Moon

Jungle Brothers - the unreleased album that was rejected by their label

Akira Ifukube - original Godzilla score or any others

Louis Armstrong & the Blues Singers - 5CD box (prefer original)

Arcesia - the album

Homosexuals  The Homosexuals Record

Yogi Adonaiasis  Gettingittogether (Universal Awareness)

Kenneth Higney Attic Demonstration (Kebrutney)

Kali Bahlu  Kali Bahlu Takes the Forest Children on a Journey of Cosmic Remembrance  (World Pacific Records)

Furious Pig - any?

fluxus related recordings (assuming they have recordable sound, I'm not paying $200 for originals):  NAM JUNE PAIK - My Jubilee ist unverhemmet, PHILIP CORNER - Playing with the Elements, PHILIP CORNER - Piano Work, AY-O / EMMETT WILLIAMS - Fluxus Song #2 / Meditations 1, TAKEHISA KOSUGI / DAVID TUDOR - Music for Merce Cunningham

any lost free jazz, unusual weirdness, Incorrect Music, celeb vocals, outsider music, school bands, forgotten psych, experimentation, electronics, whacked out kiddie records, etc

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