News From All Around

A selective--maybe almost random--collection of new releases, recent discoveries
and other information of potential interest.

01-22-01:  Despite a truly eye-damaging background, WFMU's Best of 2000 lists are idiosyncratic in the best sense.

01-22-01:  New from Pablo is The Tenor Giants, a previously unreleased 1975 meeting of the odd couple Zoot Sims and Eddie Lockjaw Davis.  Fantasy also has a handful of twofer discs with music from the 50s by Red Rodney, Elliot Lawrence, Gus Mancuso, the Sandole Brothers and more.

01-21-01:  Check out periodical The Ragtime Ephemeralist.

01-21-02:  Trente Oiseaux has announced its 2001 releases will be from Sigtryggur Sigmarsson, Richard Chartier,
Steve Roden and Bernhard Günter.

01-17-01:  Francisco Lopez has started a new label, .absolute., to focus on his collaborations.  The first two releases are with Michael Northam and Amy Denio.  For more info see Anomalous Records.

01-17-01:  Info on soundtrack albums (including cover illustrations) can be found at which despite the URL has more than just blaxploitation.

01-16-01:  Salon profiles of Stockhausen and Marianne Faithful.  Plus an interesting interview with Ian Mackaye.

01-16-01:  On March 27th Delmark will release Ceceil Payne Chic Boom: Live at the Jazz Showcase, Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio (w/William Parker and Hamid Drake) Ethnic Stew and Brew, Scott Fields Ensemble Mamet and Franz Jackson & the Salty Dogs Yellow Fire.

01-14-01:  The wonderful critic Douglas Wolk has his own website with Village Voice and Boston Phoenix articles among other nice stuff.

01-08-01:  Site on bubblegum music at

01-08-01:  There are sounds from satellites at

01-05-01:  The label Meniscus has released some wonderful improv albums by Greg Kelley, Michael Bisio/Eyvind Kang, John Butcher, Frank Gratkowski/Georg Graewe/Paul Lovens and Gino Robair.  More info later.  There doesn't seem to be a website yet but try email.

01-05-01:  First issue of Yeti magazine from former editor of Chemical Imbalance.

01-05-01:  Article on Fred Lane (aka Tim Reed) in the Tuscaloosa News.

01-04-01:  Two new releases from Mego: General Magic Rechenkönig and Uli Troyer Nok.

12-23-00:  Upcoming releases of interest from Rhino:  Jan 16 is Charles Mingus A Modern Jazz Symposium, Eddie Vinson Eddie Vinson Sings (Cleanhead's Back In Town), The Flesh Eaters Minute To Pray, The Gun Club Fire Of Love, Cydeways: The Best Of Pharcyde (with individual albums following); Feb 20 is Herb Jeffries Say It Isn't So, Various Artists El Son No Ha Muerta: The Best of Cuban Son, Various Artists Mas Mambo Mania!; Mar 20 is Tim Buckley Morning Glory:Tim Buckley Anthology, Bob Newhart Classic American Comedy Series: Bob Newhart and Teletubbies Go! Exercise With The Teletubbies.

12-23-00:  Due in February from Music Club (a great budget-priced reissue label) are albums from Asha Bhosle, Django Reinhardt, Peter Tosh, U-Roy, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, the Ethiopians and others.

12-20-00:  Interview with David Toop at

12-17-00:  Info on Brazillian music at

12-17-00:  Forthcoming from Sony Legacy on Feb 13:  John Cale Vintage Violence (expanded), two Thelonious Monk double-discs (Live at the Jazz Workshop - Complete and Monk In Tokyo) and four Dave Brubeck albums (Vocal Encounters, Red Hot & Cool, Jazz Impressions of Japan and At Carnegie Hall).  On March 13 they'll release a Rick Rubin-produced (!) album by Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who is the nephew of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.  And into the summer expanded versions of ELO albums (heck yeah I'm excited).

11-01-00:  DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's notorious Brain Freeze has finally received an official wide release so you don't have to pay $100 on eBay or spend hours downloading it through Napster

10-31-00:  Matthew Shipp's New Orbit is due January 16 from Thirsty Ear

10-22-00:  Rhino has released some hilarious anti-Napster PSAs (or perhaps they're anti-anti-Napster, the cool thing is how blurry the distinction) at

10-21-00:  There are two new releases from Potlatch: Billabong by Denman Maroney (hyperpiano) and Hans Tammen (endangered
guitar).  Recorded in NYC in 1999.  (Potlatch 100). Dark Rags by Evan Parker (tenor sax) and Keith Rowe (guitar) recorded
live on 12/31/1999 and 01/01/2000 in Nantes (France). (Potlatch 200)

10-20-00:  Erstwhile has just released La Voyelle Liquide Günter Müller and Lê Quan Ninh as well as Bart by Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler.  Forthcoming Erstwhile releases include Toshimaru Nakamura/Sachiko M., Otomo Yoshihide/Voice Crack, Stilluppsteypa and Axel Dörner/Kevin Drumm.

10-18-00:  In a statement released by their record label, members of Rage Against the Machine remarked about Zack de la Rocha's departure: "In other words, we'll keep it loud, keep it funky and most definitely rock on...."  Is it just me or does this sound like Molly Hatchet?

10-16-00:  In case you missed it the first time, The Conet Project has been reissued.  It's a four-CD set of shortwave numbers stations and this is supposedly limited to 900 copies.  Check with Aquarius Records.

10-16-00:  Salon has a scary story on low power radio and how NPR and big commercial stations are trying to stop it.

10-16-00:  New Creative Music is a promising webzine with material on Han Bennink, some reviews, etc.

10-08-00:  New edition of the highly recommended online mag Perfect Sound Forever includes interview with Chuck D. and Randy Holden (how's that for an unlikely pair?), articles on Coltrane, The Action, Brenda Kahn, Neu! and Joe Higgs, plus a pile of other stuff and enough archived articles for weeks of reading pleasure.

10-08-00: is the website for Improvised Company, a Japanese label devoted to Peter Brotzmann (with an unfortunately tendency towards limited editions)

10-06-00:  New releases from Random Acoustics include Mats Gustafsson, John Corbett, Terri Kapsalis & Fred Lonberg-Holm Battuto; Thomas Lehn Feldstarken; Giancarlo Schiaffini Tuba Libre; and Stelen Four In One.

10-04-00:  Due at the end of the month is a five-CD box set of Faust collecting their first four albums and a disc of BBC sessions.  From Recommended so that means in the US you can mail order from Wayside.

10-03-00:  Wanna know what song was Number One in the UK on any date (after the early 50s)?  Go to

10-03-00:  The official Swans website is at

9-30-00:  There's a profile of AUM Fidelity at

9-30-00:  For information on the avant-sound CD-R label A Pyrrhic Victory go to

9-28-00:  Rhino has announced a four-CD Los Lobos box set for November 7.  A two-CD Laurie Anderson anthology is due Nov. 17.

9-28-00:  From Sony Legacy:  a three-CD ELO box (Nov. 14 and yes I want to hear it), a five-CD box to accompany Ken Burns' documentary on jazz (Nov. 7) and in next year expanded editions of John Cale's Vintage Violence and Rockpile's Seconds of Pleasure.

9-26-00: Aural Innovations covers spacerock, psych, out jazz and related music.  They also do some mail order.

9-19-00:  Numerous reviews and info on way out of the mainstream music can be found at  Recommended.

9-18-00:  Website devoted to Mrs. Miller.

9-16-00:  Douglas at WFMU's "Rhubarb Cake" has made the playlist into something of an art form.  Check them out at

9-16-00:  Marco Kalnenek has been writing about "weird records" for a Dutch magazine.  Columns (some even in English) are collected at

9-15-00:  Need MP3s of Asian classical music?  Try

9-14-00:  Little Brother Records has some new releases.

9-14-00:  An extensive collection of ethnomusicology links is at

9-13-00:  Phonozoic is a new CD-R label devoted to very early recordings (the '20s are late to these people).

9-13-00:  Another site devoted to shortwave numbers stations with plenty of audio clips is at

9-11-00:  Proper Records is putting out some inexpensive but very nice boxsets devoted to jazz guitar, Spike Jones, ska, Western Swing, blues, Lester Young, etc.  Available from several US sources.

9-10-00:  Nice article by Andrew J. Horton called The Forgotten Avant-Garde: Soviet Composers Crushed by Stalin.

9-10-00:  Art?  Prank?  Other?  Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Basics

9-08-00:  Good article on Joe McPhee from Baltimore's City Paper.

9-07-00:  Try for extensive info on a cool-looking CD of strange obscurities and some other delights.  Put together by Citizen Kafka of Secret Museum of the Air fame.

9-07-00:  Tentative date for legit reissue of the first three Neu albums is December/January.

9-06-00:  He's been dead half a century but Luigi Russolo now has a website.

9-05-00:  I've added a rudimentary resources list for the Outsider Music Mailing List.

9-05-00:  OO Discs has a new release from the Brazillian composer Jocy De Oliveira.

9-01-00:  Sugar Hill has just released Bolsa de Agua, the new album from funky roots rockers The Gourds.

8-31-00:  The next batch of Sun Ra reissues from Evidence will include two unreleased albums, a couple of rarities and something resembling a greatest-hits set.

8-31-00:  There's now a collection of song-poems done by real artworld-sanctioned artists.

8-31-00:  Another webzine of interest is Organization of Sound.

8-29-00:  On October 24th, Buddha will give Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music its first US CD release (and perhaps the first US reissue since it originally came out).  They're also reissuing Take No Prisoners at the same time though hardly anybody will care.

8-29-00:  If you haven't already check out long-time media anti-darlings the Tape-Beatles.

8-28-00:  Snips is a double-CD from Steve Lacy documenting his first American solo performance.  It's from Jazz Magnet.

8-27-00:  There's a great collection of info about jazz mailing lists at

8-25-00:  Just found out that Pogus has completely revised their website so it's much nicer; plenty here for AIS readers.  Also, you might want to check out the relaunched Generator.

8-24-00:  Lots of interesting links at

8-24-00:  From Tzadik in September: The Cracow Klezmer Band De Profundis, Tim Sparks Tanz and John Zorn Xu Feng.  Due in October are Milford Graves Stories, Gary Lucas Street of Lost Brothers and John Zorn Cartoon S/M (2CD).

8-23-00:  Cuneiform Records has announced new releases due Sept. 19 from Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, The Danubians (Amy Denio band), Djam Karet, Gilgamesh, Piero Milesi and Thinking Plague.

8-23-00:  Erstwhile Records has just released Aluminum by Dean Roberts and Werner Dafeldecker.  An "atmospheric exploration fusing the legacy of AMM with the spirit of rock and roll" with guitar, electronics and percussion.

8-23-00:  Yes, now we've seen everything with a Jandek tribute album (approved by the man himself) due Sept. 1 from Summersteps Records (email) at PO Box 447, Moscow PA 18444.  Cost is $10 postpaid and the 21 tracks include Thurston Moore's Dapper, Low, Amy Denio, Bright Eyes, Gary Young (ex-Pavement), Monster Island (w/ Cary Loren from Destroy All Monsters), Las Vegas on Mars, Pipes You See Pipes You Don't (w/ Wil and Pete from Olivia Tremor Control).

8-23-00:  On Rounder Records' October schedule are two volumes of This Is Samba! and the first two (of four) volumes of Lalezar - Music of the Sultans, Sufis & Seraglio from the Lalezar Ensemble.

8-22-00:  The Lost Club is a "journal of literary archaeology" devoted to all sorts of wonderful obscure writers.  Examples include Arthur Machen, James Branch Cabell, Count Potocki, John Cowper Powys, M.P. Shiel and others I have never even heard of (which is the point).  Be sure not to miss the "In & Out of Print" section.

8-21-00:  A copy of the LaMonte Young/Tony Conrad/John Cale (aka Dream Syndicate) album Volume 1: Day of Niagra (on Table of the Elements) sold for $36 on eBay.  I can buy it from the store by my work for $14.

8-21-00:  Some new DVD releases of interest (in the US) include Antonioni's Beyond the Clouds, They Saved Hitler's Brain, and H.G. Lewis' Gruesome Twosome.

8-20-00:  New releases from boutique label Rhino Handmade include Jack Webb's Just The Tracks, Ma'am: The Warner Bros. Recordings, Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band's I'm Going To Do What I Wanna Do: Live At My Father's Place 1978 and Tiny Tim Live! At The Royal Albert Hall (recorded 1968).

8-17-00:  Rhino announced Ladysmith Black Mambazo's The Warner Brothers Collection due Oct. 17.  It selects tracks from the three WB albums plus "Homeless" from Paul Simon's Graceland.

8-16-00:  Next on Atavistic's Unheard Music series are Han Bennink's Nerve Beats, Leo Cuypers' Heavy Days Are Here Again (w/Bennik and Willem Breuker) and Nachtluft's Belle-View I-IV (Swiss electro-improv).  Due Sept. 5.

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