Mail Order Sources

Many mail order companies have e-mail updates with detailed descriptions
that are better reviews than most music magazines.  In particular, I'd recommend
Forced Exposure, Downtown Music Gallery, Other Music, Aquarius Records
and Dusty Groove (though the last you have to cross-check the website).

Wayside Music - companion to Cuneiform Records, just follow the links; highest possible recommendation

Forced Exposure - key outlet for your avant needs, whether out-jazz, minimalist techno, bedroom experimentation, or something unclassifiable; very fast and efficient

Downtown Music Gallery - great source for Zorn & Downtown musics along with a vast array of jazz, prog rock, punk, pop, experimentation and so forth that goes along with it; well-written updates and don't forget to check out their sale section

RRRecords, 23 Central St., Lowell MA 01852 - the website only covers releases on their own label but RRR is an essential and long-lived source for the true underground; free catalog & definitely worth checking out

Cadence - enormously extensive source for jazz and all its variants but particularly strong in post-New Thing developments

Dusty Groove - specializes in deep jazz, Brazillian, soundtracks, classic funk, Now Sound, out music, lounge, etc; the site makes for fascinating reading because it covers so much lesser-known jazz and other music that's passed over by most critics and publications; DG has not only the fastest service I've ever encountered but they're almost always the lowest priced

Aquarius Records - looks like a neighborhood store that found a second life on the Internet but their selection of truly independent rock, jazz and what-have-you is faultless, their e-mail updates (available on the site) are great reading, and the customer service is first-rate

Other Music

Berkshire Record Outlet - excellent source for cut-outs, mostly classical (from Early Music up to Cage and electronics) but also some great jazz and world music if you're willing to hunt for them

Midnight Records

Electronic Music Foundation

Anomalous Records


Twisted Village

33 Degrees

? Stern's America, Descarga

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