Label Contacts


Arf Arf Records



AUM Fidelity

Braxton House

Carbon Records

Cortical Foundation

Crank Automotive - Bruce Russell, Metropolitan, A Handful of Dust

CRI, 73 Spring St., Suite 506, NYC 10012-5800

Cuneiform Records

Drag City

Ellipsis Arts - possibly not the official site but best I can find

Emperor Norton

Entropy Stereo - free improv from Eugene Chadbourne, Derek Bailey & John Stevens, Jon Rose and others

Erstwhile Records

Family Vineyard -  records from Bruce Anderson/Dale Sophiea, Darin Gray/Loren Mazzacane Connors, Bruce Anderson solo and San Agustin  - more on the way from MazzaCane/Gray, Lovely Midget, Philip Gayle and others

For 4 Ears - label run by percussionist Günter Müller

Hat Hut

Incus Records

Intransitive Recordings  - limited edition releases of electro-acoustic & improvised music; well-designed site with a nice set of links as well

Knitting Factory Records (and Shimmy Disc)

Leo Records

Lovely Music

Matador Records

Meniscus (email) - great improv releases, more info to follow

Monotremata Records

Mosaic Records

New Albion

Ninja Tune

Norton Records


Parallel World

Pogus Productions - site has been expanded with new releases and info

Rhino Handmade

Road Cone

Rounder Records


Rune Grammofon

Smells Like Records

Splasc(h) Records - Italian jazz of numerous varieties plus a new series of international artists (including Butch Morris, Tim Berne, Sheila Jordan, Anthony Braxton, etc)



Table of the Elements (though the website was way outdated last time I checked)


30 Hertz Records - releases Jah Wobble (& others?)

Twisted Village


Unit Records


Without Fear Recordings

Wobby Rail

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