Jazz Satellites II

The Unreleased Compilation

by Kevin Martin

[Editor's Note:  In the mid-90s Virgin Records UK launched an ambitious series of compilations sparked by a handful of imaginative Ambient and three wonderful Ocean of Sound double-CDs.  Perhaps the biggest ear-opener was Jazz Satellites, a cross genre look at the byways of jazz, funk, electronics, pop and what have you.   The compiler Kevin Martin had definite plans for the second volume when corporate changes sunk the project.  Following is the track listing for the never-issued Jazz Satellites II, reprinted by permission.  The Motion website is looking into putting this together as a "radio" show; check their site for updates or just check it out anyway since it's quite nice.  Labels are as given on the original list and may differ depending on which country you're checking.]


George Russell - "Events I-VII" from Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature (Soul Note) 1968
Julien Priester Pepo Mtoto - "Love, Love" from Love,Love (ECM) 1974
Carl Craig  & the Innerzone Orchestra - "Bug In The Bassbin (Jazz Mix)" (Mowax/A&M) 1996
Terumasa Hino - "Aboriginal" from Double Rainbow (Sony Japan) 1976  [Columbia in the US]
Bisk - "Convergence" from Strange or Funny Ha Ha? (Sub Rosa) 1997


Sonny Sharrock - 'Many Mansions'  from Ask the Ages (Axiom)
Pat Martino - 'Baiyina' from Baiyina - The Clear Evidence (Prestige)  1968
Mahavishnu Orchestra/John Mclaughlin - 'Miles Out' from Inner Worlds (Columbia)
AMM - 'Convergence' from It had been an ordinary enough day in Pueblo,Colorado (ECM)  1980
Peter Brotzmann/Bill Laswell - 'Locomotive' from Low Life (Celluloid)
Contraband - 'The One Who Knows' from Time & Space (Epic/CBS)
John Fahey - 'The Mill Pond' from City of Refuge (Tim/Kerr Records)  1997
Masayuki Takayanagi -  "What have we given it" (April Disk)  1975
Ray Russell Quartet - 'A Day in the Life of a Slave in Lower Egypt' from Turn Circle (CBS)  1968
Caspar Brotzmann / FM Einheit - 'Nizzary' from Merry Christmas (Rough Trade Deutschland/Blast First)  1994


Yusef Lateef - 'Sound Wave' from Reevaluations: The Impulse Years (Impulse)
Charlie Mariano - 'Madras' from Mirror (Atlantic) 1972
Joe Zawinul - 'Arrival in New York' from Zawinul (Atlantic) 1971
Chris Bowden - ' Life Support' from Time Capsule (Soul Jazz) 1996
Howard Shore / Ornette Coleman - 'Interzone Suite' from Naked Lunch - music from the original soundtrack (Milan) 1992
Marc Moulin - 'Tohubohu' from Sam Suffy (Counterpoint Records) 1974, reissued 1996
The Art Ensemble of Chicago - 'Tnoona' from Fanfare For The Warriors (Atlantic Records) 1974
Jigen - 'Appearance' from V/A  Soliloquy of Chaos (Shi-ra-nui/Soup-Disk) 1997
John Coltrane - 'Living Space' from Infinity (Impulse/MCA) 1965/1993 [currently available on the album Living Space]
Pharoah Sanders - 'Village of the Pharoahs Pt. 1' from Village of the Pharoahs (ABC/Impulse)  1971/73
Quincy Jones  - 'The Lost Man' from The Lost Man soundtrack (Universal/MCA)  1970  [Uni in the US]
Charles Earland - 'Grasshopper' from the soundtrack to The Dynamite Brothers (Prestige) 1973
Marion Brown - 'Sweet Earth Flying Pt. 3' from Sweet Earth Flying (ABC/Impulse) 1974

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