A Listening List

by Howard Stelzer (Intransitive Recordings)


The 13 CDs I brought with me to listen to at my parents' house in South Florida over Thanksgiving 2000:

1. The Pop Group Y (Radar, UK)
     I hear that there's a version of this with more tracks on it.  One day I'll find that, then I'll be stuck with two CDs of the same album.

2. Beequeen Sugarbush (Raum, Ger)
    Just bought this one, haven't listened to it yet. I'll probably fall asleep to it tonight.

3. The Fall I Am As Pure As Oranj (?, UK)
     A new live document of my absolute favorite band.  Can't get enough of these guys. I own 53 Fall CDs and counting (one more is in the mail, currently en route, just mail-ordered the thing last week. Perhaps it will be in my mailbox when I get home! Oh boy!)

4. Greg Kelley Trumpet (Meniscus, US)
     I've heard Greg play too many times to count, and this album still surprises the hell out of me. Just incredible stuff, really really damn good.

5. V/A Clicks & Cuts 2CD (Mille Plateau, Ger)
     I like almost all of the tracks on this, though Reinhard Voight sounds alarmingly similar to the theme to "Entertainment Tonight".

6. P16.D4 acRID acME (of) P16.D4 (Selektion, Ger)
    One of the greatest albums ever recorded.  I can't live without this one. Well, I probably could, but it wouldn't be a very fulfilling life.  The track "1/2 Cut Cows" (named many years before Damien Hurst ever had the idea) brings tears to my stupid eyes ev'ry time, lemme tell ya...  I get all weepy, it's pathetic...

7. Francisco Lopez Warsawa Restaurant (trente oiseaux, Ger)
    Can't hear a damn thing on my parents' crappy stereo system.

8. FETISH object (Tautology, US)
    I wish this disc was only one track.  After the first track, I'm usually too worn out to continue, so I've only listen'd to track 2 once or twice.  Track 1 is the good one, anyway.

9. Pita Get Out (Mego, Austria)
    I can listen to track #3 over and over and over.  In fact, that's exactly what I feel like hearing right now.  Perhaps I'll put that on as I type up the rest of my list....

10. Pan Sonic Vakio (Blast First, UK)
    It's okay. I like Mika Vainio's solo stuff better.  I should have brought "YDIN" with me, but it's too late for that now.  I'll be back home in Boston in just a few days, so I'll hear it then.

11. Keiji Haino Affection (PSF, Japan)
      Such a beautiful album. Haino rarely does me wrong.  That one with Boris was no good.  And that jazz one kinda sucked.  But most of the others are great.  I generally buy anything with Haino's name on it.

12. Billy Joel Songs in the Attic (CBS, US)
      Only one dud tune, all the rest are great.  This is the one with the live version of "Miami 2017" on it, in case you were wondering.

13. R. Sundin Internal Reference (Bonbon, Sweden)
      Another one that's tough to hear on th' parents' substandard stereo.  I should invest in better headphones. Damn.

Plus: Al Green/Teddy Pendergrass Back to Back Hits (?, US)
     This one is my Mom's, but I think I'm going to ask her if I can borrow it.  I'll bet she doesn't listen to it anyway.  Teddy was lame, but  Rev. Green was so great.  I'd listen to this all the damn time.  I'll have to remember to ask her in the morning.  Al Green, man oh man, that guy was the best....

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