Recent Listening

by Jon Abbey of Erstwhile Records

[Editor's Note:  This is the first in a series of lists requested from notable musicians, label owners, radio hosts, critics, etc.  For those of us who are list addicts these have their own pleasures, but the lists may also provide some insight into this person's music or work.]

Activity Center Möwen and Moos (2:13 Music) (2 CDs)

Fabrice Charles, Michel Doneda and Gunter Muller Direct Chamber (33Revpermi)

Bill Dixon/Tony Oxley Papyrus, Volume 1 (Soul Note)

Kevin Drumm/Taku Sugimoto Din (Sonoris)

Morton Feldman Allpiano (performed by John Tilbury) (LondonHALL) (4 CDs)

Fennesz Live At Revolver, Melbourne (Touch CD-R)

Zbigniew Karkowski IT (Mego)

Greg Kelley Trumpet (Meniscus)

Suzanne Langille/Loren Mazzacane 1987-1989 (Secretly Canadian)

Evan Parker/Keith Rowe Dark Rags (Potlatch)

Perlon Perlon (Zarek)

Voice Crack Shock_Late (Entenpfuhl)

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